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Special Agent

Special Agents John Doggett and Monica Reyes.

Special Agent is an FBI title (TXF: "Fight Club"). In FBI hierarchy, it is below the ranks of Supervisory Special Agent, Section Chief and Special Agent in Charge. Special Agents are occasionally referred to as Agents.

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List of Special AgentsEdit

see also FBI personnel for several FBI Agents who may have been Special Agents, such as Frank Black.
Note that Special Agent Terry Sullivan appears only in a deleted scene. Also, Agents Leza Atsumi and Beatty are referred to as being Special Agents in script sources but are said to be merely Agents in the final version of each character's respective episode. Likewise, Carl Busch is referred to as being a Special Agent, Section Chief and Agent in the script of The X-Files episode "Irresistible", although he is established as being only an Agent in the aired version of that episode, and Nancy Spiller is described as both a Supervisory Special Agent and Special Agent in the script of "Ghost in the Machine" even though her specific rank is never established in the episode itself.
all things: The Official Guide to The X-Files, volume 6 gives the rank of Chesty Short and Flagler, two characters who are both established as being members of the FBI, as Special Agents (although, in Flagler's case, the rank is only given for his appearance in the episode "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" because the book states that, in "Sein Und Zeit" – the character's only other appearance – Flagler is an Agent).
Ranks and Titles Within the FBI
Agent Chief Director
Special Agent Supervisory Special Agent ASAC/Special Agent in Charge Division Chief Section Chief Assistant Director Deputy Director Director

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