Syndicate photograph

Syndicate members outside the Strughold Mining Company in 1973.

Strughold Mining Company (1995)

The Strughold Mining Company in 1995.

The Strughold Mining Company was a mining company in West Virginia that was used as a front for operations conducted by the Syndicate. Agents Mulder and Scully discovered the mining company seemingly long-abandoned from its appearance. However, inside were several gates with glowing keypads that led into tunnels within the mountain that the facility was built upon. Within the tunnels were hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions - of complete medical records for American citizens stored in thousands of file cabinets. Mulder found a file for his sister that had her name written over his - implying that he had originally been intended for her fate. There was also a file for Scully with data as recent as her abduction by Duane Barry. Mulder theorized that the Syndicate was collecting vast amounts of medical data for some sinister purpose, but they were chased away by armed agents. Prior to their escape, however, Scully encountered a group of short alien-like beings, perhaps alien/human hybrids.

Mulder first learned of the mine's significance from an old photograph showing his father, the Cigarette Smoking Man, the Well-Manicured Man and others in 1973. (TXF: "Paper Clip")

Strughold Mining Company shares its name with Conrad Strughold.