Slide of Sturgis victim

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully views a slide of a deceased male victim discovered in Sturgis

Sturgis is an area of South Dakota.

By March 6, 1992, the deceased body of a male victim had been found in Sturgis, bearing two peculiar marks that were identical to others found on victims discovered in Bellefleur, Oregon and another victim in Shamrock, Texas. On March 6, during his first meeting with FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, Special Agent Fox Mulder showed Scully a slide of the deceased victim found in Sturgis, as well as the one from Shamrock and another - Karen Swenson - from Bellefleur. During later investigation of the strange marks in Oregon with Scully, Mulder deemed these features to be from some kind of test conducted on the victims. (TXF: "Pilot")

Although each of the victims in Bellefleur had been in the Class of '89 together, it is unknown whether the victim in Sturgis had a connection, other than the marks, to them and, if so, how they were related.
The episode's script describes the victim in Sturgis as "a large male biker with the telltale marks on his lower back."

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