The X-Files
The Lone Gunmen
The X-Files:
  1. "Season 1 DVD"
  2. "Season 2 DVD"
  3. "Season 3 DVD"
  4. "Season 4 DVD"
  5. "Season 5 DVD"
  6. "Season 6 DVD"
  7. "Season 7 DVD"
  8. "Season 8 DVD"
  9. "Season 9 DVD"
  10. "Season 10 DVD"
  11. "Season 11 DVD"
  12. "The X-Files Movie DVD"
  13. "The Complete Collection"
  14. "The Complete Collectors Edition"
  15. "The X-Files: I Want to Believe DVD"
The X-Files Mythology:
  1. "Volume 1 - Abduction"
  2. "Volume 2 - Black Oil"
  3. "Volume 3 - Colonization"
  4. "Volume 4 - Super Soldiers"
  1. "Season 1 DVD"
  2. "Season 2 DVD"
  3. "Season 3 DVD"
  4. "The Complete Series DVD"
The Lone Gunmen:
  1. "The Complete Series DVD"
DVD Information:
Number of Episodes: 13
Format: NTSC
Running Time (Approx): 9 Hrs 15 Mins
List Price: $39.98 (US)
$54.98 (Canada)
£39.99 (UK)
Number of Discs: 3
Region 1 Release Date: March 29, 2005
Region 2 Release Date: January 30, 2006

The Front PageEdit

"The computer-hacking, conspiracy-exposing Lone Gunmen are always looking for that next big government cover-up that would bring their newsletter, The Lone Gunman, national attention. Whether in their secret underground office or in the back of their old VW bus, this bumbling and often socially inept trio is routinely laughed at by their peers. Now with a young, idealistic new member and a mysterious and exoctic female who is always one step ahead of them, the Lone Gunmen are doubly determined to protect millions of Americans by exposing truths that some would rather keep hidden"
— From The Back Cover of the DVD Boxset

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"Bond, Jimmy Bond"
"Eine Kleine Frohike"
"Like Water for Octane"
"Three Men and a Smoking Diaper"
"Madam, I'm Adam"
"Planet of the Frohikes"
"Maximum Byers"
"Diagnosis: Jimmy"
"Tango de los Pistoleros"
"The Lying Game"
"Cap'n Toby Show"
"All About Yves"
Special Features

Special FeaturesEdit