The Sixth Season of The X-Files commenced airing on the FOX Network in the United States on November 8, 1998, concluding on the same channel on May 16, 1999, and contained 22 episodes.


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No. Episode Name / Summary
Sandy (dead) 6X01 "The Beginning"

Just after having returned from Antartica, Mulder and Scully conduct an unofficial search for a vicious alien in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fox Mulder checks on Patrick Garland Crump 6X02 "Drive"

Mulder finds himself forced to drive a man in a high-speed dash across the Southwest in an effort to prevent the man's head from exploding.

Fox Mulder with 1939 Dana Scully, Jeffrey Spender and Cigarette Smoking Man 6X03 "Triangle"

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Mulder believes he has traveled back to 1939 and has to evade Nazis aboard an historic British sailing ship similarly lost, encountering individuals who seem strikingly familiar to him.

Fox Mulder sees his Morris Fletcher appearance 6X04 "Dreamland"

On a tip, Mulder and Scully visit the infamous Area 51 where a strange event swaps Mulder's personality with that of Morris Fletcher, a shadowy government agent.

Morris Fletcher tries to seduce Dana Scully 6X05 "Dreamland II"

Scully desperately tries to reverse the personality switch between Mulder and Morris Fletcher before it's too late.

Mulder and Scully deceased 6X06 "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"

On Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully go ghost-hunting in a supposedly haunted house full of Christmas spirit.

Demonic baby held by vele 6X07 "Terms of Endearment"

Mulder believes that a bigamist, suspected of pre-natal infanticide, is actually a demon.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully with Sheila Fontaine and Holman Hardt 6X08 "The Rain King"

A man in Kansas claims to be able to command the weather and appears to be the real deal.

Walter Skinner dies 6X09 "S.R. 819"

Skinner is infected with a strange disease triggered by nanotechnology in his body.

Death comes for Dana Scully 6X10 "Tithonus"

Scully is partnered with another agent and assigned to investigate a crime scene photographer but her encounter with him leads to deathly consequences for them both.

Cigarette Smoking Man narrates 6X11 "Two Fathers"

The unexpected return of Cassandra Spender and an attack by alien rebels forces the Syndicate's hand in a move that threatens the survival of their carefully-crafted conspiracy.

Grey aliens are welcomed 6X12 "One Son"

An alien rebellion leads the Syndicate to its demise as their twenty-five year conspiracy approaches its disastrous collapse.

Sea monster grabs George Vincent 6X13 "Agua Mala"

Agent Dales contacts Mulder to find out happened in the Shipley residence, from where Dales recieved a description of a creature with tentacles that took her husband. Mulder and Scully while returning gets stuck in an apartment in the midst of Hurricane Leroy. They soon discover that the same creature might be in the plumbing.

Bernard with bomb exposed 6X14 "Monday"

A woman is trapped in an endlessly repeating time loop that ends in a tragic bombing in which Mulder and Scully lose their lives every time.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully as Rob Petrie and Laura Petrie 6X15 "Arcadia"

Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple in a gated community to investigate the mysterious disappearances of neighbors who didn't conform.

Wanshang dhole head 6X16 "Alpha"

Mulder and Scully investigate a series of attacks by a canine that shows signs of human intelligence.

Wilson Pinker Rawls and June Gurwitch 6X17 "Trevor"

The agents pursue an escaped convict who is capable of passing through solid matter and is desperate to meet his son for the first time.

Phillip Padgett with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully 6X18 "Milagro"

A writer who lives next door to Mulder becomes the prime suspect in a series of killings.

Grey alien with baseball paraphernalia 6X19 "The Unnatural"

Arthur Dales, the brother of a retired FBI agent with the same name, tells Mulder about an alien who played baseball for the Roswell Grays in 1947.

John Fitzgerald Byers and Susanne Modeski in 1999 6X20 "Three of a Kind"

The Lone Gunmen encounter Susanne Modeski while infiltrating a defense contractors' conference in Las Vegas.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully trapped underground 6X21 "Field Trip"

A mystery involving two skeletons leads the agents on a journey in which nothing is quite as it seems.

Artifact held by Steven Sandoz 6X22 "Biogenesis"

Mulder believes that metallic objects discovered in Africa are proof that life originated elsewhere in the universe.


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  • This was first season that was filmed in Los Angeles.

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