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Recurring characters on The X-Files.


Arlene played by Arlene Pileggi:

Duane BarryEdit

Duane Barry played by Steve Railsback:

Scott BlevinsEdit

Section Chief Scott Blevins played by Charles Cioffi:

Charles BurksEdit

Dr. Charles Burks played by Bill Dow:

John Fitzgerald ByersEdit

John Fitzgerald Byers played by Bruce Harwood:

Luis CardinalEdit

Luis Cardinal played by Lenno Britos:

Marita CovarrubiasEdit

Marita Covarrubias played by Laurie Holden:

Gene CraneEdit

Agent Gene Crane played by Kirk B.R. Woller:

Luke DoggettEdit

Luke Doggett played by Jake Fritz, Jacob Handy and Zachary Handy:

Max FenigEdit

Max Fenig played by Scott Bellis:

Morris FletcherEdit

Morris Fletcher played by Michael McKean:

Brad FollmerEdit

Assistant Director Brad Follmer played by Cary Elwes:

Diana FowleyEdit

Special Agent Diana Fowley played by Mimi Rogers:

Melvin FrohikeEdit

Melvin Frohike played by Tom Braidwood:

Theresa HoeseEdit

Theresa Hoese played by Sarah Koskoff:

Albert HosteenEdit

Albert Hosteen played by Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman:

Alvin KershEdit

Assistant Director/Deputy Director Alvin Kersh played by James Pickens, Jr.:


Kimberly played by an unknown performer:

Karen KosseffEdit

Agent Karen Kosseff played by Christine Willes:

Michael KritschgauEdit

Michael Kritschgau played by John Finn:

Alex KrycekEdit

Alex Krycek played by Nicholas Lea:

Richard LanglyEdit

Richard Langly played by Dean Haglund:

Richard MathesonEdit

Senator Richard Matheson played by Raymond J. Barry:

Father McCueEdit

Father McCue played by Arnie Walters:

Billy MilesEdit

Billy Miles played by Zachary Ansley:

Travis Clayton MoberlyEdit

Travis Clayton Moberly played by Judson Scott:

Fox MulderEdit

Special Agent Fox Mulder played by David Duchovny:

Samantha MulderEdit

Samantha Mulder played by Vanessa Morley, Megan Leitch, Ashlynn Rose, and Mimi Paley:

Teena MulderEdit

Teena Mulder played by Rebecca Toolan and Shelly Adam:

William MulderEdit

William Mulder played by Peter Donat and Dean Aylesworth:


Special Agent Pendrell played by Brendan Beiser:

Gibson PraiseEdit

Gibson Praise played by Jeff Gulka:

Monica ReyesEdit

Special Agent Monica Reyes played by Annabeth Gish:

Knowle RohrerEdit

Knowle Rohrer played by Adam Baldwin:

Margaret ScullyEdit

Margaret Scully played by Sheila Larken:

Melissa ScullyEdit

Melissa Scully played by Melinda McGraw, Christine Viner, and Rebecca Codling:

William ScullyEdit

Captain William Scully played by Don Davis:

William Scully, Jr.Edit

Lieutenant Commander William Scully, Jr. played by Pat Skipper:

William Scully IIIEdit

William Scully III played by Jerry Shiban, Rikki Held, Rowdy Held, Ashley Knutson, James Riker, Travis Riker, and Wyatt Smith:

Emily Christine Sim Edit

Emily Christine Sim played by Lauren Diewold:

Walter SkinnerEdit

Assistant Director Walter Skinner played by Mitch Pileggi:

Jeremiah SmithEdit

Jeremiah Smith played by Roy Thinnes, Jerry Hardin, Peter Donat, Bernard White, Robert Patrick and Randy Ross:

Cassandra SpenderEdit

Cassandra Spender played by Veronica Cartwright:

Jeffrey SpenderEdit

Special Agent Jeffrey Spender played by Chris Owens and Michal Suchanek:

Eugene Victor ToomsEdit

Eugene Victor Tooms played by Doug Hutchison:

Heitz WerberEdit

Dr. Heitz Werber played by Jim Jansen:

"1st Elder"Edit

"1st Elder" played by Don S. Williams:

"2nd Elder"Edit

"2nd Elder" played by Stanley Walsh and George Murdock:

"3rd Elder"Edit

"3rd Elder" played by John Moore:

"Black-Haired Man"Edit

"Black-Haired Man" played by Michael Shamus Wiles and Scott Eberlein:

"Cigarette Smoking Man"Edit

"Cigarette Smoking Man" played by William B. Davis, Chris Owens and Craig Warkentin:

"Deep Throat"Edit

"Deep Throat" played by Jerry Hardin:

"FBI Cadet"Edit

"FBI Cadet" played by Robert Beckwith:

"Glasses Man"Edit

"Glasses Man" played by Anatol Rezmeritza:

"Gray-Haired Man"Edit

"Gray-Haired Man" played by Morris Panych:

"Kersh's Assistant"Edit

"Kersh's Assistant" played by Laura Leigh Hughes:

"Quiet Willy"Edit

"Quiet Willy" played by Willy Ross:

"Russian Guard"Edit

"Russian Guard" played by Raoul Ganeev:

"Senior FBI Agent"Edit

"Senior FBI Agent" played by Michael David Simms:

"Well-Manicured Man"Edit

"Well-Manicured Man" played by John Neville:


"X" played by Steven Williams:

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