Tammi Peyton was the employee of Dwight Cooper. She was stealing money from the exterminators who made most of their money by killing drug dealers and taking their cash. Carlton Chase figured out she was skimming but before he could tell Dwight Cooper, Dwight sent Randall after him and Tammi deleted his answering machine messages.


Though she was clever in hiding her theft, Dwight Cooper ultimately found out about it. He sent his x-ray eyed brother, Randall Cooper after her. However, Randall Cooper was in love with Tammi and watched her constantly using his x-ray vision.

She told Randall she was going to run away with him after she got the money out of the bank, but given her feelings towards him, that was probably a lie. Dwight brought her back to their exterminator's building but when Randall was ordered to kill Tammi, he chose to gun down his twin brother Dwight instead. Tammi Peyton left and is still a fugitive.

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