Captain Taylor.

Taylor was a US Air Force captain serving under Calvin Henderson at the US Space Surveillance Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. He summoned Henderson to the monitoring station of Karen Koretz to report what he and Ms. Koretz assumed was a UFO. Although they were correct in their assumption, an indignant Henderson warned them that what they'd seen was a meteor and that their report should reflect this information. The two reluctantly agreed. Later, when a second UFO appeared over Townsend, Wisconsin, Taylor and Koretz tracked this one as well. When Koretz said she was reading a "much larger craft," Taylor corrected her: "Meteor, Ms. Koretz."

Background InformationEdit

  • Although Taylor is credited as a corporal, he is wearing the insignia of a captain. It's unclear if the episode credits are in error or if the costume is. Although it is likely the former because the US Airforce does not use the rank of Corporal, the equivalent rank being Senior Airman.


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