The Dwarf Santini in the ring.

The Dwarf Santini was the father of Sadie Muckle and the despised father-in-law of Charlie Muckle. He was a legendary wrestler in the dwarf wrestling circuit. However, he was never directly encountered during the Lone Gunmen's search for the identity of Adam Burgess as Santini had died years earlier.

Due to Charlie Muckle's deep hatred of the Dwarf Santini and Frohike's fair resemblance to him, Adam Burgess began to remember his true identity as Charlie Muckle.

His wife had glorified her father overly much during their marriage and Charlie had felt he couldn't measure up to the great man so he despised him.

(The Lone Gunmen: Madam, I'm Adam)


"The Dwarf Santini"

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