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"The Rain King" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of The X-Files.


A man in Kansas claims to be able to command the weather and appears to be the real deal.


A couple argues over the lack of rain and its effect on the couple's livelihood. After the argument, the boyfriend/secret fiancé goes for a drive but crashes after a hailstorm wrecks his car. A man, Daryl Mootz, is taking credit for the rain storms, calling himself the "rain king."

Mulder and Scully arrive in town and ask about the rain king. They find that Daryl enjoys the support of the townsfolk without exception, even the meteorologist, Holman Hardt. Mulder and Scully witness the arrival of the rain king amid mild fanfare. The rain man does a dance and the town experiences a small rain storm amid the drought. Scully remains unconvinced, despite this proof.


Mulder barely avoids death by flying cow.

Overnight, a cow lands in Mulder's motel room. Through a complicated love-octagon, it is revealed that Holman Hardt is controlling the weather; Mulder unintentionally attracting Hardt's promiscuous co-worker, Sheila Fontaine, results in a massive thunderstorm that came out of the meteorologist's brain, as Holman Hardt fancies Sheila Fontaine. With Mulder's help, the pair end up living happily ever after.
Campbell and John Richter We are not who we are!

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Background InformationEdit


There were a lot of mountains surrounding the airport Mulder and Scully landed at considering they were in northeast Kansas.

This episode's title may be a reference to Saul Bellow's novel "Henderson The Rain King".


Although Sheila stated every single weird weather accident that happened in her life, she never mentioned anything about the sky raining Ice Hearts on the Valentine's Day, it's not even mentioned in the newspapers like they mentioned the Flower Showers.


Movie Allusion: Wizard of Oz During the reunion scene at the end of the movie there is a statue of a scarecrow.

Someone out there loves their Wizard of Oz. Not only did we have Triangle that had numerous references to the film, we now have an episode set in Kansas that has tornadoes and even Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow (could be a soundalike I suppose but it's meant to be her). And the final scene with the baby looks out on a farm that has a suspiciously similar looking barn and set up to the black and white opening of the film.

We want to see the king. Said to the secretary by Mulder. This alludes to Elvis, which is in continuity to other episodes. Mulder believes Elvis to be alive and frequently mentions him.

I'll build the ark, you gather the animals. Said to Scully as the heavens have opened and rain and storms are threatening the reunion guests. An obvious, but very funny, reference to the biblical story of Noah, who was told by God to build an ark and take two of every animal with him as the floods rose.



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