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The X-Files Game
Series: TXF
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The X-Files Game was a spin-off video game released in 1996.

The game is of the earlier adventure game genre where the player had to point and click in order to advance through the game. The player controls a character called Willmore who is a Seattle FBI agent. Willmore can visit crime scenes and other story-related scenes where he can roam around freely and interact with the environment. Willmore can pick-up, store and use items in his inventory. He also carries a PDA with him where the player can check notes and information related to events that happened earlier in the game. As an easter egg,there's a character named James Wong, the the name of one of the crew members on TXF and TLG.




A Morley cigarette is shown being chewed by a rat as Mulder and Scully's car arrives. Mulder picks the lock to the warehouse, and as they enter he points to a black powdered substance on the floor as if its presence were expected. As they inspect it, three armed men enter and open fire on them. Mulder and Scully duck behind a stack of wooden crates and a bright light (presumably the radiation used offensively by those infected with the black oil) engulfs the room. Mulder emerges with his pistol drawn, but slowly lowers it, confused.

Act OneEdit

APRIL 2, 1996
09:14 AM

Craig Willmore arrives late to work, his partner, Mark Cook, informs him that there's a 'big gun' in from D.C. Craig barely has time to collect his gear before S.A.I.C. Armistead Shanks phones him and requests his presence. Assistant Director Skinner is seated opposite Agent Shanks, who informs Willmore that two of his agents, Mulder and Scully, have been missing for three days after travelling to Everett, WA on a case he is unfamiliar with the details of. Willmore passes his current cases on to Cook, files an APB on Mulder and Scully, and prepares to begin his investigation. Skinner recommends they begin with Motel in which his agents were staying.

Act TwoEdit


The receptionist informs them that she hasn't seen Mulder or Scully since they checked in two days prior, and leads them to their respective rooms. Skinner investigates Scully's room and leaves Willmore to look through Mulder's. Inside, Willmore finds a recent issue of The Magic Bullet that reports UFO activity in the Northwest, a copy of From Outer Space by Jose Chung, and a case file with a hastily written sticky note reading "Majestic Cover Op. Warehouse @ Dock, Railroad Connect." Scully's room turns up only her laptop, which is locked, and a Bible, which is left open on her dresser. Willmore obtains a list of Mulder's outgoing calls; one rings endlessly and the other connects him to Melvin Frohike, who hangs up on Willmore as soon as he identifies himself as an F.B.I. agent.

APRIL 2, 1996

Skinner reviews his notes as Willmore looks into the phone numbers Mulder called. He is unable to obtain any information on the man who hung up on him, but the number that goes unanswered belongs to a "Dockside Warehouse." Willmore is also able to find information on Ford Taurus that Mulder rented, but it leads him nowhere.


Willmore picks the padlock to the warehouse door, as it has been relatched since the teaser. Inside, Willmore finds a pool of blood on the ground and a bullet lodged into a support pole, leading him to the conclusion that someone has been shot. He is also able to collect a Morley butt and samples of a black powder that was contained within recently placed crates on the warehouse floor. Outside, he meets James Wong, who claims to be a fisherman who immigrated from China in 1985, though he says he's considered moving on, as the fish have disappeared from the area recently. He's seen armed guards escorting cargo in and out of the warehouse in the past, but it's been quieter lately. Wilmore attempts to bum a cigarette off of him, but he says he doesn't smoke.

With no other leads, Willmore and Skinner begin to leave the area, but realize they've been followed by a sedan since they left the field office. They speed off as Willmore approaches, but he's able to photograph their license plate.

APRIL 2, 1996

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