Issue 1 of The X-Files Magazine was the June 1995 issue.


"Not to be Opened Until X-Mas"
The first issue of Topps Comics' range of The X-Files comics
Interview - Chris Carter - "Mister X"
by Dave Hughes
The Truth Is Out There
  • X Libris: The UK release of the novel Goblins and the imminence of other novels, including Whirlwind
  • Club X: Details about fan clubs
  • X-Con: Plans for launching a series of The X-Files-themed conventions in the US
  • X-Tra! X-Tra!: Other news stories, such as The X-Files winning a Golden Globe Award, Sky One's schedule of upcoming Season 2 episodes, Whoopi Goldberg's interest in appearing on the series, and a new T-shirt design promoting the broadcast of The X-Files
Episode Guide
"The X-Files" and "Little Green Men"
X-Files Videos to be Won!
Competition to win the first two volumes in the TXF Season 1 VHS series

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