"When Agent Dana Scully is assigned to work on the X-Files, Agent Fox Mulder suspects she's there to spy on him. Nevertheless, he introduces his new partner to his current case involving a series of mysterious murders in the Pacific Northwest. Although Mulder is searching for otherworldly answers, Scully is sure there is a more earthly scientific explanation. As their partnership continues, their opposing beliefs become the norm, with Mulder being "the believer" and Scully "the skeptic". But Scully's mysterious abduction and Mulder's near-death experience in the New Mexico desert will challenge those beliefs and make it clear that the discovery of the truth can be deadly."
— From The Back Cover of the DVD Boxset

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"Deep Throat"
"Fallen Angel"
"The Erlenmeyer Flask"
"Little Green Men"
"Duane Barry"
"One Breath"
"Red Museum"
"End Game"
"The Blessing Way"
"Paper Clip"
Special Features

Special FeaturesEdit

Special Features:
"Threads of Mythology" documentary
Commentary by writer Chris Carter on "Deep Throat"
Commentary by director R.W. Goodwin on "The Erlenmeyer Flask"
Commentary by writer and director Chris Carter on "Duane Barry"
Commentary by writer Frank Spotnitz on "End Game"
Commentary by director R.W. Goodwin on "Anasazi"
Mythology timeline