The X-Files
The Lone Gunmen
The X-Files:
  1. "Season 1 DVD"
  2. "Season 2 DVD"
  3. "Season 3 DVD"
  4. "Season 4 DVD"
  5. "Season 5 DVD"
  6. "Season 6 DVD"
  7. "Season 7 DVD"
  8. "Season 8 DVD"
  9. "Season 9 DVD"
  10. "Season 10 DVD"
  11. "The X-Files Movie DVD"
  12. "The Complete Collection"
  13. "The Complete Collectors Edition"
  14. "The X-Files: I Want to Believe DVD"
The X-Files Mythology:
  1. "Volume 1 - Abduction"
  2. "Volume 2 - Black Oil"
  3. "Volume 3 - Colonization"
  4. "Volume 4 - Super Soldiers"
  1. "Season 1 DVD"
  2. "Season 2 DVD"
  3. "Season 3 DVD"
  4. "The Complete Series DVD"
The Lone Gunmen:
  1. "The Complete Series DVD"
DVD Information:
Number of Episodes: 25
Format: NTSC
Running Time (Approx): 17 Hrs 50 Mins
List Price: $149.98 (US)
$49.98 (US Slim)
$179.98 (Canada)
$69.98 (Canada Slim)
£89.99 (UK)
£34.99 (UK Slim)
Number of Discs: 7
6 (US & Canada Slim)
Region 1 Release Date: November 28, 2000
January 31, 2006 (Slim)
Region 2 Release Date: April 30, 2001
October 11, 2004 (Slim)


"Little Green Men"
"The Host"
"Duane Barry"
"One Breath"
"Red Museum"
"Excelsis Dei"
"Die Hand Die Verletzt"
"Fresh Bones"
"End Game"
"Fearful Symmetry"
"Død Kalm"
"The Căluşari"
"F. Emasculata"
"Soft Light"
"Our Town"
Special Features

Special FeaturesEdit

Special Features:
"The Truth About Season Two" documentary
Chris Carter interviews
Special effects clips
Behind the scenes clips
Deleted scenes
"Behind The Truth" spots from F/X
49 promotional television spots


Fox Home Entertainment re-released every season of The X-Files on Region 1 DVD in 2006 in slimmer packaging. However, some discs were omitted therefore some special features listed above may not be present on the newer Region 1 Sets. Fox Home Entertainment also re-released the The X-Files on Region 2 DVD in slimmer packaging in late 2004/early 2005, the content was exactly the same as the original releases.

This is the only season box set to have a 18 certificate in the UK, due to the exorcism theme of the episode "The Căluşari", as the first season box set and the following box sets from the third season onwards have a 15 certificate.

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