• Hey there Princess Diva! My name is Jamie and I'm on the Community Development team over at FANDOM. I saw that you've adopted this wiki! Congrats! We've already selected it for Forum Migrations to Discussions so I wanted to give you a heads up about that. All of the content in forums will be available in Discussions so it won't go away. Let me know if you have any strong objections. 

    Click for more info about discussions and forum migrations

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    • Actually, I would like to keep it as Forum rather than Discussions. I believe it fits the wiki and the audience better than Discussions. 

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    • 1. No use of wikitext.

      2. No highlights, so it's impossible to notify the community of a very special announcement (which I find quite important).

      3. The discussions are completely isolated from the main Wikia & "Recent Wiki Activity".

      I'm fine and happy with it on some wikis, but on here, I would much prefer to keep the Forums feature. Thank you!

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    • I've posted a question on Community Central to see if anyone else knows about it. 

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    • Ok, we won't move forward with the migration right now, but you should be aware that forums will be discontinued eventually (no date set yet), which is why we're trying to get more communities with upcoming releases on board as soon as possible. If you need to know more, check out those links I posted in my first post. 

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    • I know but by the time it's rolled out I believe that things will be addressed such as thread highlights etc. I've seen FAQ page and I don't think I want to move forward until all the "planned" features are implemented. Thanks! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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