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Numerous undeveloped episodes were written for The X-Files. These stories were submitted or developed for production but, for various reasons, never aired.

Agricultural storyEdit

The first story Howard Gordon devised for The X-Files as a solo writer pertained to agricultural engineering, intended to be included in the second season. (X-Files Confidential, p. 97) "I started in June, and I wrote a script about genetically engineered plants," Gordon recollected. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63) He wrote the story outline with Executive Producer Chris Carter. (X-Files Confidential, p. 97) While writing the story, however, Gordon felt something was wrong with it. (X-Files Confidential, p. 97; Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63) He later critiqued, "It was a good idea, but a very oblique script [....] I spent an undue amount of time on it, really stressed out over it." (X-Files Confidential, p. 97) Gordon specified, "I was writing and I said, 'This really stinks.'" (Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63) Left with a script which he believed "sucked," Gordon consulted fellow writing staffer James Wong. Recounted Gordon, "I [...] said, 'This isn't very good, is it?' He read it and said, 'No, it's not.'" (X-Files Confidential, p. 97) Gordon was meanwhile two weeks away from the time his script was due. (X-Files Confidential, p. 97; Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63) He recalled, "I had written a draft of the script and I went to Chris Carter and said, 'Chris, this really stinks. I can't even hand it to you.'" (Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63) Gordon thereafter chose not to pursue the agricultural plotline, instead motivated into writing the episode "Sleepless" alone. (X-Files Confidential, p. 97; Cinefantastique, Vol. 26/27, No. 6/1, p. 63)

Dark He Was and Golden-EyedEdit

Determined to return to The X-Files after being introduced as Eugene Victor Tooms in the episode "Squeeze", Doug Hutchison wrote a sequel script called "Dark He Was and Golden-Eyed". "I wanted to figure out a way to have him around forever," Hutchison said of the character. "[So, in my script, Tooms] was in an experiment to find out how I could remain so young and immortal; he was infused with a drug that backfired and ended up escaping the asylum. [So now, he's] eating livers like M&Ms – he's on a rampage. I also dealt with where Tooms might have come from." The script suggested the character was an incarnation of a liver-eating, ravenous Central American Indian god. "So it had a lot of flashbacks," Hutchison continued. "And Tooms talked a lot at the end, because Scully and I had a confrontation." Hutchison sent the script to Chris Carter, shortly after which Hutchison was invited back to The X-Files to appear in the episode "Tooms". In response to the submission of his own script, he received a phone call from one of the Fox network lawyers. The call notified him legal ramifications prevented the script from even being read. (The X-Files Magazine Volume 1, Issue 11,  p. 29)

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