Unit 731
Vivisection Old Photograph Unit 731 Nisei

Photograph of a vivisection performed without anesthesia by the Unit 731.

was a secret military medical unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that researched biological warfare and other topics through human experiments leading up to and during World War II. These experiments included vivisections without anesthesia, testing frostbite tolerance levels on infants and exposing war prisoners to diseases such as the plague.

After the abduction of Agent Dana Scully, Fox Mulder discovered that these Japanese scientists were given amnesty in the United States after World War II. They continued their work in secret, experimenting with creating an alien/human hybrid in order to develop immunity to alien biological weapons.

The Unit 731 scientists at work in the United States were assassinated in 1995.

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  • The name of the doctor in charge of the secret Japanese group of former Unit 731 doctors, Takeo Ishimaru, and his alias, Shiro Zama, is an amalgamation of the name of the real head of Unit 731, Dr. Shiro Ishii.

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