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Fox Mulder dressed as Spock

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Deleted ScenesEdit

Deleted scenes available on The X-Files DVDs.

TXF Season 1 DVD:

1. "Pilot" - Scully's boyfriend, Ethan Minette, at work in a television studio, talking with Scully before she leaves Washington D.C. for Oregon.

2. "Pilot" - Scully and her boyfriend lie together in bed, after Scully has returned from Oregon, as she receives a phone call from Mulder.

TXF Season 2 DVD:

1. "Sleepless" - The introduction of X, as played by Natalija Nogulich, with commentary from producer Paul Rabwin.

2. "3" - Kristen Kilar talks to a fireman played by Brad Loree.

3. "Humbug" - Mulder and Scully are served by a hermaphrodite waitress played by Denis Simpson.

4. "Anasazi" - The Thinker is captured.

TXF Season 3 (virtually all with commentary by Chris Carter):

1. "The Blessing Way" - Looking for comfort, Scully visits her mother, Margaret, and the two women are joined by Melissa Scully.

2. "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" - Mulder tells Scully that he wishes for a genuine psychic.

3. "The List" - two consecutive scenes, regarding Napoleon "Neech" Manley being sent to the electric chair.

4. "Revelations" - Mr. Kryder talks to Mulder and Scully about Armageddon

5. "Avatar" - in Assistant Director Walter Skinner's office at the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building, the Cigarette Smoking Man threatens Skinner.
6. "Avatar" - Skinner visits his wife in hospital, talking to a doctor about her condition (without commentary). I love u mulder this is cgirl miles (chelsea tooms) I loved playing the enemy it was really fun. I hope you enjoyed acting with me and Douglas Hutchison.

Images for Future UseEdit

Jeremiah Smith as Deep Throat

A captured Jeremiah Smith disguised as Deep Throat from "Talitha Cumi"

Bounty hunter disguised as Detective Miles

An alien bounty hunter disguised as Detective Miles from "Requiem"

Melvin Frohike (1989)

Melvin Frohike in 1989 from "Unusual Suspects"


Father Gregory from "All Souls"

J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building with passerby
Burt as City Grid

Mr. Burt's face as a city grid

Flukeman screams

The Flukeman screams in response to being severed in half


Main and Regular Characters played by Guest ActorsEdit

Frank Black: young Frank Black - "The Curse of Frank Black", "Midnight of the Century", "Seven and One"

Emma Hollis: young Emma Hollis - "Closure", seen in pictures in "Darwin's Eye"


Episode transcripts can be found here.

Scripts & Early VersionsEdit

My ScriptsEdit

I have scripts of the following episodes of The X-Files:

Information GatheringEdit

Homes of Main CharactersEdit

Skinner's AssistantEdit

FBI in Each SeriesEdit

The X-FilesEdit


The Lone GunmenEdit

Timeline of The Lone GunmenEdit

The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Director's CutEdit

Changed SequencesEdit

  • Agent Bannan attack sequence
  • Scully crying in her office
  • snowplow driver watching as FBI discover buried block of ice
  • lengthened Christian Fearon's surgery scene
  • longer shot of Agent Bannan's head, different Dakota Whitney death scene
  • lengthened Mulder's first exploration scene, returning to the "crime scene" (he sees tape)
  • climax

Breakdown of Alterations to ClimaxEdit

  • three added shots of the bald abductor's transplant operation, before Mulder's dog attack
  • during the dog attack, a panning shot of Cheryl Cunningham and, moments later, an exclusive closeup of her neck being cut
  • a long panning shot showing the bald abductor and Cheryl, immediately before Mulder looks through a dirty plastic curtain into the compound
  • Mulder confronting the abductors is different - an exclusive shot of Mulder entering the compound, another showing the doctors at work over the bodies, the next shot is longer with Mulder first quietly saying, "Stop what you're doing"
  • when he sees Agent Bannan's breast, it's NOT covered with leads
  • a shot of him reacting to it is included, as is a shot of the Russian doctor nearing him and Mulder asking "Are you gonna do what I say?" then the next shot is longer, too, including the doctor at the start
  • the shot of the bald abductor's head is longer
  • two shots of the 2nd Abductor dragging Agent Bannan's body through the snow have been added and then another of him coming for Mulder's unconscious body
  • a longer shot of Agent Bannan's body later lying on the ground
  • a longer closeup shot of the 2nd Abductor moving the body, with a similar but different shot of the 2nd Abductor after this
  • a different shot of Skinner - he now says "Maybe I can Google it" and then looks down at his cell phone - immediately after Scully opens the mailbox & says "Bellflower Road"
  • a longer shot of the 2nd Abductor putting one of Agent Bannan's limbs into a bag
  • a longer shot of the Russian doctor slicing Cheryl's neck open, moments before Skinner arrives
  • an exclusive shot panning from the bald abductor's head to Cheryl's frozen body, in a cut away from Skinner looking at these things, and then saying "My God, what have you done?"
  • a longer shot of Cheryl Cunningham lying frozen, after Scully enters and says, "Oh, God!"

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