It has come to my attention that we may have a troll problem here.

There are a few accounts that appear to be the same IP.


And a few users with very inappropriate usernames.

Then we've also been experiencing (recently) some users who completely blank pages, insert false information, spam, and troll.

I've going to investigate further and contact Wikia staff.

Also, look who I found enter the chat today?


I know this account from several other wikis. This troll is called "Kayla". They create numerous amounts of accounts to vandalise, troll, and spam.

Unfortunately, looks like Kayla found this wiki. We'll have to be on the lookout more.

USERS: If you see any of these accounts, report them to me IMMEDIATELY.


Rowan Ashbridge

So, summary. We're experiencing more trolls than we used to, and now Kayla the troll found this wiki. I'll try my best to monitor it every day now.
EDIT: New account:

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