Dear X-Files fans,

I am currently writing a seminar paper on super soldiers / military experiments in the X-Files. It is a final paper for a whole seminar on the the X-Files and the 1990s in America. Super soldiers are really interesting to me as DARPA for example does this kind of highly-financed research in real life. A lot of it is secret of course, but some inventions that they have made have been presented to the public, such as robotic suits to give soldiers more strength, several drugs to enhance awareness and concentration etc.

As I have not yet been able to watch all of the X-Files episodes, I would be glad if you as X-Files "believers" ;) could help me with your professional insights and knowledge.

Which episodes do you know of deal with super-soldiers, military experiments on humans / trans-humanism etc.?

I really appreciate your help!

Thanks a lot!