America when it develops with a supernatural problem and is space with growing paganism and disbelief to god and his rules,Islam from Allah and his systems.Malfunctions into disaster and natural events.Angels then attack US's in space and destruction on USA.thumb|300px|left|Sodom and Gomorrah disasterthumb|300px|right|Sodom and GomorrahThese turn into revolt and rebellion of the states in America and American people.North America with the people and man.Communism and wars as in the religious days and to match US to ancient civilizations for situations.Matching and to me Sodom and Gomorrah is USA.Being advanced and then to throw out God failure of Church.It did war on Mosques and destruction of holy artifacts by advancements bombing them and vandalism by US and Allied troops.They did not follow a straight forward war. Gattaca is a galaxy of Space Americans of many thousands of years ago.Gattaca is outside of Galactica and a planet in Gattaca is Space America planet.
Eden class

Gattaca galaxy Space Americans thousand years ago