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Vicky Jenkins Crump (played by Janine Venable) was the wife of Patrick Garland Crump and lived near a military installation that worked on electromagnetic experiments.

Incident in NevadaEdit

During an experiment with ultra-low frequencies, she began experiencing excruciating head pains resulting from resonance with the low frequency. The only way to alleviate the pain was to drive at high speed in a specific direction. Her husband drove her at high speed while being pursued by a massive police force that believed he had taken her hostage. They were stopped by a spike strip in Nevada, where he was taken into custody. His pleas were ignored and Vicky was left unmoving. From a circling news helicopter, it was shown on live television when her head spontaneously exploded from the resonance, splattering the interior of the car with blood. (TXF: "Drive")

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