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Doctor Victor Frankenstein was a fictional character in the novel Frankenstein. He was a genetic engineer.

In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster by reanimating life. He was considered an evil figure for doing this, and at the end of the novel, he "payed" for his ambitions. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

After his unethical work, Doctor Joseph Ridley was referred to by some of his colleagues as "Doctor Frankenstein." (TXF: "Young at Heart")

Fox Mulder likened the work of Dr. Francis Pollidori to the work of Victor Frankenstein. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

Dr. Parenti believed that Mulder was treating him as a sort of "Dr. Frankenstein" when he was accused of experimenting with alien embryos. (TXF: "Essence")

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