The Viet Cong (VC) was an insurgent organization fighting the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. They were funded, equipped and staffed by both South Vietnamese and the army of North Vietnam.

Its military organization was known as the People's Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF). The PLAF were, according to the official history of the (North) Vietnamese Army, strictly subordinated to the general staff in Hanoi. Their name "Viet Cong", (VC) came from the Vietnamese term for Vietnamese Communist and was popularized by the South Vietnamese government in an effort to downplay their role as a truly national, not simply communist organization. American forces typically referred to members of the NLF as "Charlie," which comes from the US Armed Forces' phonetic alphabet's pronunciation of VC ("Victor Charlie").

Viet Cong were supposedly able to play visual tricks that created the illusion they could disappear, which Nathaniel Teager learned to do while a prisoner of war in their captivity until 1997.

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