A werewolf is a person who, according to legend, turns into a wolf or wolf-like creature every full moon. (TXF: "Shapes") Werewolf lore universally states that when a person is bitten by a werewolf, they become one. (TXF: "X-Cops")

Werewolf mythology was passed down for centuries, and along with vampires and ghosts, many children wore werewolf masks for Halloween. In 1998, Jacob Steven Haley wore a werewolf mask in the robbery of the First Sovereign Bank of Pennsylvania. (TXF: "The Pine Bluff Variant")

In 1997, Shaineh Berkowitz was under the impression that a child she saw on The Jerry Springer Show was an actual werewolf baby, when in fact it suffered from a disease known as hypertrichosis lanuginosa. (TXF: "The Post-Modern Prometheus")

In 2000, an unidentified fear entity attacked several people over the course of two months in and around Willow Park and Los Angeles, California. Hyman Escalara saw this being as a werewolf, as that was his greatest fear, and when attacked by it, he sustained wounds equal to that of a legendary werewolf. A month later, Agents Mulder and Scully investigated this entity, with some help from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, under the impression that it was a werewolf. (TXF: "X-Cops")

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  • Manitou, an evil Algonquin spirit similar to a werewolf
  • Lycanthropy, a mental disease in which a person acts like a wolf or wolf-like creature
  • Wanshang dhole, a Chinese dog with powers similar to that of a werewolf

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