Wetwired Video is a movie rental store in Red Falls Colorado. The place can be found down Lazarus St of Red Falls.


Wetwired Video is a typical movie store as can be, even having an Adult Section as well. Mulder and Scully can go inside this building during the events of X-Files: Resist or Serve. However in the movie clerks office, behind the couch is a secret passage way that requires a key to open.


  • In the Adult Section, a trench coated zombie will attack without warning inside Wetwired Video.
  • Wetwired Video was clearly named after an X-File episode: Wetwired. This episode involved people seeing messages from ordinary electronic devices that told them to kill people.
  • Wetwired Video had a number of video posters for movies that were clearly X-File episodes, such as The Host, Chinga and Quagmire.


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