The Kid in the apartment

William Jefferson

William Jefferson was the love child of Senator Jefferson and one of his campaign workers, Barbara Bonabo.  His staff concealed the child from the public to protect the Senator's career. 

Involvement with the Lone GunmenEdit

Melvin Frohike and Richard Langly followed the lead about
The Kid in the contraption

William Jefferson in Frohike and Langly's baby machine.

Bonabo's prescription to her apartment where they discovered "the kid."  With no babysitter or anyone taking care of the infant, they decided to take him back to the Lone Gunmen offices to take care of him.  They weren't very good at it and called in Yves Adele Harlow to help them.  Frohike lied and said the kid was his son.  Yves pushed them to take better care of the boy but they ended up putting him in a contraption so they could work.  Yves wasn't happy about that, forcing Frohike to take the kid to a parenting class where he accidentally revealed the child's identity. 

In the long run, Frohike and Langly bonded with the kid and were hesitant to give the kid to his father, the Senator. 

(The Lone GunmenThree Men and a Smoking Diaper)


Morgan and Madisyn LaCouvee played the baby. 

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