X256933VW was an X-file that involved vampire-like homicides. The first three homicides were in Memphis, Tennessee. The bodies were found drained of blood, with bite marks on the upper jugular vein. Every mirror in the house had been smashed. There were words written on a wall in the victims' blood. No suspects were found.

In Portland, Oregon three more homicides occurred, with a similar cause of death and way in which the bodies were found. No suspects were found.

In Los Angeles, California, there were similar homicides to the previous murders. One of the suspects was apprehended but, shortly after capture, the suspect died in a secure room. The cause of death was exposure to extreme temperatures. The victim had 4th Degree burns. The other suspects were not captured. Another murder occurred in a food storage area. The victim was bitten by three different people. There were two sets of fingerprints - one was the victim's and the other was those of a female named Kristen Kilar. She and the others were killed in an explosion. (TXF: "3")

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