Yale Abbott was a police detective in Burley, Idaho. He lead an investigation into the deaths of Tall George, the county mortician, and his wife, Tahoma. When FBI Special Agents Dana Scully and John Doggett arrived, Abbott was quite rude to Scully and dismissed her suggesting paranormal activity might be involved. Abbott tried to identify more with Doggett, which only strained Doggett's burgeoning partnership with Scully. After exhuming the body of Ariel in a cemetery, Abbott heard strange noises that lead him to a dead tree; something was moving inside the hollow trunk. He peered inside and saw an eye which snapped open, staring at him through a hole in the bark. Startled, he tried to run back to his police cruiser as the human bat flew at him, but he was too slow and the monster savaged him to death. (TXF: "Patience")

Yale Abbott was played by Bradford English.

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