Dr. Yonechi (played by Hiro Kanagawa) was a scientist in the field of cryobiology who came to Boston. He was met by the older Jason Nichols, who injected him with a cryo-compound that completely froze his body. Mulder and Scully attempted to thaw Yonechi's body, which had plunged to only 8 degrees Fahrenheit. After thawing him in a tub of water, he regained consciousness and began to warm up, but his body began heating uncontrollably, surpassing 110 degrees and blistering the skin. Yonechi then burst into flames and burned to death.

Mulder's theory of a time traveller administering the cryo-compound was corroborated by a photograph he found showing Yonechi celebrating with Nichols and Lisa Ianelli, whom he had yet to meet.

Appearances Edit

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