Zeke Joespho was a former Lieutenant Colonel who served in the Gulf War. While on a mission, he and his men were ambushed, and only Josepho was left alive. As he lay on the ground among his dead men, he witnessed four apparently invincible soldiers attack and destroy the enemy. Josepho believed them to be angels, when in fact they were super-soldiers. Sometime after this, he set up a UFO cult, believing the super-soldiers were the true sons of God. In 2002, after locating an alien craft, he sent FBI agent Robert Comer to apparently kill Scully's son William, who was somehow important to the prophecy he believed in. Later he sent another cultist to kidnap William, which was more successful. Later he informed Scully that he only wished to protect her son, but would only return him to her when he received confirmation that Mulder was dead. Soon after the craft he discovered activated and rose out of the ground, apparently kiling Josepho and the other cult members in the process.